Since we introduced password protected pages, Edicy has become even more useful tool for small companies. Now one can publish special price lists to selected viewers — or invite people to comment on website sections before they are released to the public.

But it can give you more. We just imported our internal wiki (company knowledge base) to Edicy, so it functions like a lightweight intranet for us.

Intranet on Edicy

Every team member can edit the texts and publish them without the fear of classified data being published publicly. In addition, we can invite investors, mentors, interns and partners to view the knowledge base without editing access.

Why not try it out yourself? If you need a light-weight wiki design, we can set it up for you. If you need advice just ask in the comments or contact our super friendly support team :) 

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  • Alex Sep 18

    How does it works

  • Teet Sep 19

    Hi Alex

    You can create a new site or just simply a new subpage which you protect with a password (more information on it -
    This allows you to create an inner structure which is not visible to publicity.
    If you have created a new site or a subpage and wish to use more simple design (e.g like you see in the picture above), then just contact us via and we will help you out with that.

    Best wishes
    Teet Parts

  • Alex Apr 07

    If I wanna create a wiki, what should I do ?

  • Teet Parts May 17

    Hi Alex

    As explained before, create a password protected page and send a letter to explaining your need for a wiki page. We'll help you with the design and functionality from there on.

    Teet Parts

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