We're ready with refreshing the looks of the front page of our website. In addition to adjusted design style, we've added a small Pro section there, a map showing latest signups and a small pic to illustrate latest news.
We are still holding on to the simplicity in everything. Our site is simple and uncluttered as Edicy itself. Therefore there isn't much spare canvas on front page to introduce all the cool stuff we have. You should browse around. Other pages' design is also evolving. For example, check out the brand new Edicy Pro section.

And just for history's sake, here are the legacy designs of edicy.com (plus the new one). First is the initial draft, second one is our first public site and the third one is the previous design that was replaced today. Oh yes. We did have a april fools' day design too.

Our greetings go to Zilmer for his advice and ever-fresh ideas.

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