Can't deny — we are proud to see Edicy being recognised by a growing number of web developers as their platform of choice for the post-software era. That's why we've just released a new version of Edicy Developer Site. It serves both the newcomers and established Edicy developers as a central resource for building and launching exceptional websites with less hassle and more reward.

Edicy Developer Site
Our new Developer Site.

Repetitive tasks suck, especially when there's no end to that. Edicy lives in the cloud, so low level technical repetition like updates, maintenance and security are taken care of by us so that they reach all our users and sites simultaneously.

This way developers can focus on the unique parts of website development instead — carving unique designs, building up site content.

Also, Edicy's interface is really easy to use for your customers too. So they don't require training to get started. And if any questions arise while using Edicy, our helpful customer support assists them without extra cost.

Give it a try and tell us how it went!

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