More than a quarter of a million people have signed up with Edicy over the past few years. Every single one of them starts as a first-time user. No previous experience, no deeper knowledge of the tools and features we provide. Those more playful or adventurous of us quickly find their way and soon start recommending Edicy to their friends. Others require more guiding and richer examples to really get started. During the first few minutes with Edicy they feel the barrier to be too high and tend to abandon it altogether.

Today we updated Edicy with the first crucial improvement to address this issue. We released an unobtrusive welcome tour that brings the first-time user from one step of website building to the other. It takes only a few minutes and covers all the basics.

You are an old-timer but want to see this feature too? Just choose "? > Welcome tour" from bottom-right corner and you are all set.

Another similarly important step to give better experience for first time use will be brought into spotlight over the next few weeks. Namely, we are in the middle of updating our design themes with reworked default content. More on that soon.

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