We've added four new designs to our theme library. One that is available to all users (Tallinn North by me) and three for Edicy Pro subscribers only (Copenhagen by my brother Henn :) Östersund by Paavel and Richmond by Tajo).

Names are actually helpful here — the designs with names of Scandinavian cities are modern, minimalistic, advanced. Richmond on the other hand has a conservative look with a slight touch of luxury.

In addition, design tab now sports bigger thumbnails for your viewing pleasure.

Take a look at the beauties below the fold.
Edicy theme "Tallinn North" by Tõnu Runnel
Tallinn North by Tõnu Runnel

Edicy theme "Copenhagen" by Henn Runnel
Copenhagen by Henn Runnel

Edicy theme "Östersund" by Paavel Liik
Östersund by Paavel Liik

Edicy theme "Richmond" by Tajo Oja
Richmond by Tajo Oja

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