One of the common questions we get is how you can point your own personal domain name which you’ve previously registered to Edicy.  This feature is now available and I’ll explain the steps required to do this.
First you’ll need to log into your Edicy account and go to the My Accounts section, from there go to the “Account Details” page.  Under Edit Site Properties you can enter your Primary domain, this is your style address that you registered with a domain provider.  Enter the domain name without http or www.

Once you’ve set your site in Edicy go to your domain registrars site and find the option for “IP Forwarding” or “Modifying an A-Record”, this is usually found under the heading “Advanced DNS Management”.  Select this option and enter Edicy’s IP address:

After you’ve set our IP address it can take up to 24 hours for your site to be properly directed to Edicy servers.  When it has taken effect you can log into your Edicy account and start editing your site on your own domain name.

If you are having problems with this procedure please let us know by visiting our Support section or emailing us at  Because procedures can be different with every domain registrar it’s possible that these instructions may not work for you and we want to hear your feedback. 

Additional release notes for this week include:

  • Added two new designs: Riga and Brasilia
  • Added RSS-links to blog pages
  • Fixed issues when deleting a language environment
  • Fixed issue with browsers caching designs when you switch from one to another.

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  • Ross Aug 07

    Yay! Thank you so much!

  • Andres Aug 07

    You're welcome Ross. Let us know how the transfer process went for you.

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