Over the weekend in an heroic working spree our developers moved all of Edicy's content into new servers. If you have an Edicy site go ahead and get yourself (or us, we won't mind) a little housewarming gift - you've moved without even knowing about it.

The only way this really affects you is if the domain that you have connected to your Edicy site is bought from another service provider (GoDaddy.com etc). In that case it's probably forwarded domain to our old ip. You should forward it to our new one ( The old address will still work for a couple of months and we'll be in touch to remind you personally as well.

Why we did it?

The reason we moved was that we wanted to offer a more secure, fast and reliable experience for creating websites. Our data is now with HaVirtual, the guys that, among other things, built up the server infrastructure behind the little known tech start-up Skype. We feel that we are not experts in data hosting ourselves, but the service they are offering will benefit all of our users. If you're interested in the technical details of how they do their thing, check out this presentation.

For the users of your sites all this should mean that the sites will never (knock on wood) be down for any significant amount of time and they will be faster to use for your visitors.

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