We’re open to doing business with you

We love cooperating with people who are dedicated to simplicity, 

design and customer satisfaction.

Hosting companies looking for a web building tool for end-users

We’re happy to discuss potential partnerships with top telecoms firms or ISPs that want to offer Edicy as part of a web design package or white label solution.

Professional Designers selling design themes

If you’re web designer (and we mean a good one, with a proven track record of work for serious clients), let’s talk. We’re particularly interested in designers who are interested in Edicy theme development.

Web Developers building end-user websites

Are you an expert web developer who knows your way around HTML, CSS and all the rest? Would like to build more sites on Edicy? Let us know about your portfolio, languages that you speak and the geographic area you work in – if we think you’re cool, we’ll list you on a special partner page for our end-users to contact when they need some extra help with their site creation in their region.

Online service providers looking for a bigger audiences

If you’re running a web 2.0 service where users can create their own applets, widgets or content, we can work together to make it easier for users to embed these components into Edicy. Get in touch with us!

Businesses with ideas for custom design or features

Are you a business looking for custom design work for your site? Or maybe you’ve found that Edicy is missing a feature that could help your business fly? Feel free to contact us and we’ll see how we can work together to make Edicy right for you. (Have a look at some of the business sites we've created in the past.)

Translators localizing Edicy into their home language

Edicy is always looking for people to help us extend our reach and serve people in their languages. We’ve created a simple tool that helps translators to convert Edicy into any language. If you’re interested in helping us out, feel free to get in touch and let us know what language you’d like to add - or if you see mistakes that we can fix in any language that is already available. To get on board write to Teet!

Investors wanting to invest in Edicy

Edicy is open to potential investment from a leading venture capital fund or well-known private investor with a stellar background. If you’re willing to commit to Edicy for the long term, we’d like to hear from you.