Adding forms to site has been yet another feature that was asked too many times by our users. Today it is finally ready to hit the beta. Now you can set up feedback forms and site visitors can finally tell what they're thinking about you.
Currently forms are limited down to two predefined forms - feedback and subscribe to newsletter forms. So right now it isn't possible to customize form fields. But we're working on it. Still, if you just can't wait any longer, just contact us and we can configure you a form to your liking.

Check the feedback

Ticket screenTo see what visitors have submitted, just go to site admin area and you'll see a number of submitted tickets in there. On tickets screen, you'll find all tickets that have been submitted and each ticket can also be seen in detail. In addition to that, it is possible to download submitted data as downloadable CSV-format to fill all your data-analyzing needs.

Complete release notes

  • Added forms feature
  • Added lithuanian language
  • Optimized loading speed of media and blog scroller views
  • Improved site visitor language and location detection
  • Improved favicon.ico uploading
  • Fixed issues with dragging images to text
  • Fixed blog article list order in admin screens
  • Fixed minor issues with creating new pages from site organizer

Replies to this post

  • Archi Jan 21

    Works great! Now, if only we could get the form to send the feedback to a designated email address. :-)

  • Priit Jan 21

    Archi, thank you for your feedback. We're already working on e-mail notifications.

  • Deepak Jan 25


  • paula Jan 27

    Not sure I want to, but if I did, how can I add forms to my site? How is it different from a mailto?

  • Erkki Pung Jan 27

    Only thing, what declaim me to get full satisfaction is that all the new features (I mean forms and gallery). The problem for me is that I can't create text and simple gallery in one field. I think it is wasting. If you could consider, please think about adding these features to toolbox.

    Chears, still you're doing good job :)

  • MarkP Jan 29

    @Prit, any idea when the email send will be ready?

  • Priit Jan 31

    Mark, you can expect e-mail notification to be released in next release on tuesday.

  • Priit Jan 31

    Erkki, feature to add multiple objects into one content area is already in the works. There are just some nasty user interface issues to cover :)

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