The key value of Edicy is its rather simple on-site editing interface. We made a couple of additional improvements to take this experience even further.

Hidden menu items in EdicyMany marketing-savvy users have been using hidden pages in the main menu to create landing pages and other campaign materials. The upside is that such pages appear straight behind the domain name in the address bar. The downside is the bloated main menu in editing mode — hidden pages need to be there for navigating on the site. Our new solution is simple — all the hidden pages are grouped under one drop-down button. Marketing fest can begin.

If you have a custom design and don't know much about coding — just let us know. We'll add this feature for you too, for free.

Until lately you still had to use admin section for two standard tasks — creating new blog post and removing spam comments from it. Not anymore. Just go and take a look at your blog listing and comments and you get the idea. This is the first step in phasing out the "Blog" tab in the Edicy menu completely.

Text styling toolbar in Edicy
In addition there's one beautiful cosmetic change — we revamped the design of the text toolbar. It was the last piece of the old style. Just check out the new text styling menu with actual fonts from your website design. Cool, isn't it?

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  • kevin lindsay May 31

    Yeah have to agree Tonu new interface seems really smooth in this release - we love it, so do our customers.

  • Tõnu Jun 02

    Thanks! Web tech has improved a lot during the last couple of years. It wouldn't have been wise to build so elegantly crafted web tools before.

  • Robert Jun 14

    Font-size resetting function (asked about it in november), please. For example if CSS is set to 11px size, editor makes possible changes to 10px and 12px but impossible to get back to CSS values without having to deal with html. Problem occurs at least in one template.

  • Tõnu Jun 20

    Thanks Robert. One solution would be to make default sizes and size options consistent. We'll start with this.

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