Among many minor improvements and bugfixes launched this week we also revamped a developer specific part of Edicy — template code editor. It helps our growing partner community to better serve their customers who have sites on Edicy.

The template editor now sports color coding to make code writing a more desktop like experience. Written code is more structured, much easier and quicker to read.

Edicy design editor syntax highlighting
Other notable improvements that made it's way into Edicy this week:

  • It is now possible to insert pictures into photo gallery at any position
  • When changing language in login form, username and password will not get lost
  • Visual improvements of Edicy user interface in Opera web browser
  • Fixed issues with design editor height calculation
  • Fix for site switcher in admin views where it was not possible to pick first site in the select menu

Replies to this post

  • Thomas Apr 11

    Bravo !

  • Henn Apr 12

    bye-bye, notepad

  • Agri Apr 13

    Thank you, this is very great - now more easy to find code line for editing and see syntax errors.

  • Thomas May 04

    Just tested. Very well executed.
    Love the flashing green cursor and the colours.
    Gives enjoyment to the work.
    I guess Priit had great time developping it.

  • Tõnu May 05

    Thanks :) Just love to get such feedback.

  • Robert Jun 14

    It does not have "seach" function or at least I can't find it. Browser ctrl+f (on Chrome at least) can only look through the part of the code that is visible on screen and can't reach all other lines that are visible after scrolling.

    Will there be search function and when ? Making browser ctrl+f seach possible would be pretty helpful :)

  • Tõnu Jun 20

    Actually ctrl+f opens a javascript search box that works well with our , just tried myself. Finds what you are looking for. The problem is with browser's native search box — this doesn't look under hidden parts of canvas. Don't use it :)

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