Edicy is a useful tool with lively ecosystem largely because we keep listening to our users. Learning our users' needs and keeping up with how the world wide web is changing are crucial tasks in our work. The time is over for oldschool web builders. So is time over for paying someone to slowly make minor changes on your website.

Common updates on your Edicy site are rather simple to do on your own. Sometimes you need advice though. Sometimes you have questions on how to solve one or another particular task in Edicy. Therefore we've made it really easy for you to find answers on whatever question that arises on editing your website.
For example, if you haven't found a way to upload and publish photos, add social plugins, buy new or import old domain names — the answers are already there, in our FAQ and community forums. Even when the answer isn't there yet, we are. Our support team would love to help you out with any issue you face when building your website.
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Find answers by clicking on the small question mark icon on the lower right corner of Edicy toolbar. Support has three channels in Edicy — search or browse the keywords on our FAQ pages; participate in our community support forums, where our users have set up discussions upon different subjects; or talk back in Edicy's Facebook community.

There are actual human beings dealing with your questions daily. Don't hesitate to also send us e-mails or even call when you seem to have not found an answer. It would be really sad to see you leaving us before starting off with your website just because you never even asked for our help.
So, if something slows you down or remains unresolved at any point in time don't hesitate — reach out and we are more than glad to help you back on track again.
PS. We have some quick website building tutorials you might find useful too:

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  • Michael Sommer Aug 10


    i want test your homepagebuilder but i can not sign in. First the two words are mostly not readable and when i change it 10-20 times i found one to read then it is not accepted.

    Is there a problem because i have a german e-mail adresse and i am in the moment in philippines?

    Please help me because i really want test your site.

    Michael Sommer

  • Rait Parts Aug 10

    Hi Michael. Thank you for the comment. We have closed our service in some countries due to massive misusage.To get you an account just send us a letter to support@edicy.com and we'll send an invitation to get started with your new site.




  • Thomas Sep 25

    Not only I knew there is a helpdesk, but also I need to say it is the best helpdesk ever seen in the industry. I've been an Edicy customer for 5 months now and they really rock.



  • Rait Nov 27

    Thank you for the compliment Thomas!



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