Last week we took part at Innovate!100, an event to find the top 100 most promising startups in the world. All the presentations concentrated on the business model side. I thought it would be very interesting to view for many of you too.
If you are in hurry, just browse the presentation (1 minute):

Or if you have more time, watch this video:

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  • indrek. Jun 08

    Miks Google Reader sellest rss'ist neid videosid-slaide kätte ei saa? Samas nt wordpressi blogidest saab nagu kätte ja näitab juba Readeri videot...

  • Tõnu Jun 10

    Uurime, esialgu tundub et Edicy jääb Google whitelistist välja. See on vaja kiiresti ületada.

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