Last night, exceptionally many new users started to sign up to Edicy. A spam attack?

Der Spiegel in print Looking for the source, most of the fresh signups came from all around German speaking Europe. It turns out that Der Spiegel has written a favorable article about Edicy (in German). One of the most read weekly magazines in Europe, it does flatter us a lot. Thank you, Spiegel!

Some important points from the article:

  1. It's the best tool for creating multilingual websites. It makes it "on the database level" meaning, Edicy works well for keeping language structures parallel and doesn't need updating when website design is replaced with a new one.
  2. Websites on Edicy are automatically optimized for mobile devices and enable the integration of Google Analytics and Webmaster tools
  3. It works well for managing SEO.
  4. Its user interface has a very modern touch
Couldn't agree more.

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