It is no surprise to anyone who has ever tried to build elegant web applications or even just a simple web-site that different browsers display pages differently. To work around these issues, developers have to use an exhausting amount of different cheats and "hacks" and sometimes even these don't work. To ensure that Edicy-experience is the same for everyone, we're pleased to announce that starting next week, Edicy will only work in Internet Explorer.
After months of deliberation and negotiating with the development team at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, we decided that Microsoft's Internet Explorer offers us just the flexibility, security and no-hassle development powers that we need every day.

It is a big leap for us, but this transformation will make Edicy even faster, easier to use and, most importantly, make the Edicy experience the same for everyone. We will roll out the changes in the coming week and starting 6th April, 12:00 CET, all other browsers besides IE will be unable to display any page created in Edicy.

You can download Internet Explorer here.

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  • Tanel Apr 01


    Just Exploreriga ongi probleemid, et ei näita lehte päris nii nagu tarvis, eriti just 6.0. Loodetavasti ei kasuta seda Exploreri versiooni väga paljud.

    Palume tõsta leht üle Welisa serverisse, sest kasutame ise ainult Mozilla Firefoxi ja soovitame seda ka oma klientidele.

    Vastasel korral palun tagastada ettemakstud summa Eltermo OÜ kontole 221033700402 ja tasuda kompensatsiooni Exploreri pealesurumise eest.


    Eltermo OÜ

  • Erkki Apr 01

    Damn, I have to quit mac and start using win, just to pray to Big E... noooot

  • Tõnu Apr 01

    Kahjuks toetame ainult Internet Explorer 3.0.

  • mart Apr 01

    April joke right?

  • Mike Johnston Apr 01

    lol, gotta love april fools

  • tarkpea Apr 01

    Please do "convert to Zimplit" button ASAP!

  • edvard Apr 01


  • brasiu Apr 01

    April Fools' Day.....

  • studioBH Apr 01

    This better be a frakkin April Fool's joke, b/c I have been working on my site for a while and I exclusively use FireFox. Internet Explorer just sucks.
    "flexibility, security and no-hassle development powers" my ass.

  • Ross Waycaster Apr 01

    haha good one

  • Tajo Apr 01

    Thanks everyone! This post was indeed a celebration of April 1st and however stark the differences between the major web-browsers may be, we will keep supporting them all :)

    All the best to all!

  • Jepser May 03

    damn! I thought it was true lol! haha

  • Roshima Laken Jul 06

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