As part of the ongoing tweaks and improvements, we added some value to the Edicy Pro feature list. Storage. From now on, Pro users have 5 GB of storage space for their files. It's a whopping 50 times more than free users.
Free online storageTill today we didn't differentiate the storage limits between free and Pro accounts. Most of the free users had well below 100 MB of files and pictures. Most of the Pros had below a gigabyte respectively. So 5 GB is going to be a vast amount for nearly everyone of us, enough for many good years.

You can check your site's online storage status from a brand new little indicator on the file panel.

Of course, those few who exceed their capacity are safe too. No files will be deleted or lost. However, to upload more stuff, one must upgrade his site to Pro (or if he already is Pro, buy more storage). We'll contact everyone shortly.

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