Edicy has been available in French almost from the beginning. But, to be honest, the translation was in need of a face-lift. Therefore, we are very happy to announce that thanks to our new volunteer, Marc F., our French localization gets a new spark.
Like all the previous translations, this was again done by a volunteer, Marc F.. And here's what he wrote us about himself:

Edicy French translator Marc FI, Marc F., am a French born 36 years old journeyman, a graduate from the University of Nancy 2 (in both clinical & social psychology) and the Conservatoire National des Arts & Métiers in Paris, France (in Human Resource Development) who worked as a psychologist and HR consultant for a decade. Having spent most of my career focusing on pathology and human failure, I decided to make a U-turn in 2008, thinking I would be more useful helping people understand each other. That's why I became a freelance translator, mostly from English to French, but also in German and Spanish (I live in southern France, 20 miles from the Spanish border). Most of my work so far has been made under confidentiality agreements, hence a bad need of building up my public portfolio.

That's when I volunteered to help brush up the French locale of edicy.com, and in 5 minutes time, I got 'hired'. I have been a Edicy user since august 2008, and these guys improved dramatically since then. I really love their energy and mindset: it's all about you and providing you with maximum opportunity and user-friendliness! I hope I helped the Edicy team reach out significantly to their French speaking audience, and I hope they'll trust me again in the future. It's been a real delight.

If you are a whatever-language native, give these guys a hand, they're great people, great to communicate with, and let me assure you they have YOU in mind. They deserve to grow bigger and touch users all over the planet.

Keep up the awesome work guys!

Thank you Marc!

We are continuously looking for new translators who want to join us! The offer for a free Edicy Pro voucher for 2 years is still valid to honor our active helpers!

If you would like to contribute or translate Edicy into your whatever-it-is speaking language, don't hesitate to contact us at support@edicy.com.

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  • Thomas Mar 09

    Big thanks to Marc. This will improve the websites I produce in French on Edicy. Great.

  • Tõnu Mar 18

    Anyone who wants to volunteer with other languages? What about Greek? We have a lot of users from Greece, but not so many volunteers :)

  • Roshima Laken Jul 06

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