One of the key features making Edicy stand out is the ease of launching your website in multiple languages. World is getting smaller day by day. Therefore it's important to be able and willing to communicate with your customers in their own language.

Edicy — simply multilingualCreating a new language version of your website is rather simple in Edicy. Just click on "add new language" button and the existing site structure is ready for filling in with the translations.

If you don't have friends who'd help you translate your site from, say English to Brazilian Portuguese, we'd suggest using Gengo for that purpose. Its a quick and convenient way to get your texts translated in no time compared to translation agencies.

Shorter phrases can always be translated by yourself with Google Translate and languages not present in Gengo can be managed with freelancers at Elance or oDesk.

Just like biological diversity leads to quality of our living environment, so is diversity of languages and cultures making life colorful and exciting. Talk in the language of your conversation partner and learn what they have to offer in exchange.

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