Hi folks! This is just a quick note to tell you that we have launched the first ever site on our web-service-on-development. This historic event was, of course, the result of many long weeks of hard work. We built our product and this little site side-by-side with our good friends at the Estonian Environmental Law Center. While we received valuable testing results and new ideas, they got to be the first brave pioneers to get to actually use our alpha. Not to mention the beautiful fresh website.
In the beginning of this implementation, our product was so much less of a tool than it is now. But it is far from being ready. All of you who are anxiously waiting to get their hands on the Private Beta—we are going to publish a little more details about it already in the coming weeks. Hold on!
And by the way, this really is the first post on our Company Blog. And yes, correct, we don’t even have a final name for the product yet.

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  • Edvard Feb 22

    Super, by the way I love the design of this page here.

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