As you could read from our blog few weeks back, I'm the newest proud member of the Edicy team. Since my last job was working for Google AdWords in the Google's European Headquarters in Dublin, I'd feel happy to help Edicy community to leverage from the knowledge obtained there.

Google AdWords
The first tip on creating a good search campaign is the same as for building your website — think about the essence of your company, the products you sell or services you offer. The keywords you use in the ad texts should come directly from the names of the product categories. 

The biggest mistake by far in search marketing campaigns is to link keywords to ad texts vaguely. It results in much fewer clicks as the ad texts look irrelevant to the user who search for these keywords in Google. 

Second aspect is that Google takes less money for better performing ads. This might lead your ads to show up on better position than your competitor's — for a lower price per click.

Camera collectionFor example, when selling photo cameras it would be efficient to create separate ad texts and keywords for each camera models. Usually what you see is either the same ad texts for the entire product line or — in worst case scenarios — even for the whole inventory of different manufacturers. You will score zero clicks from potential buyers searching for a specific models — as they usually do.

My advice is to create ads with as relevant wordings as possible for your product related keywords (product name, manufacturer, characteristics etc) until reasonability. 

My rule of thumb is to create a separate text for each relevant keyword with more than 200 Google searches a month. Use the Google Keyword Tool for analysing the search amounts for all your keywords segmented by markets and languages. 

You're welcome to share your experience with us in the comments in case you've promoted your Edicy site with AdWords.  

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