By looking at how some of our users were having troubles creating hyperlinks correctly, we decided to improve our link tool just a little bit this week. Now it gives you slightly better idea what will happen next when inserting link to your text.

Insert link to text

I guess it would not do harm to see once again, how this tool works in our text editor. To create a link, select piece of text and click on "Insert a link" button. If you see only white text field there, you're in the right direction. Start typing into this field and Edicy tries to suggest, where this link should point to. We provide the suggestions from:

  • All page titles on the site
  • All files uploaded to the site
  • If text ends with ".com", ".net" or any other thing that appears to be a internet address we think you may want to create link to another site and suggest that as well
  • If you enter e-mail address, an link to send message to this address will be created
  • By typing "skype:" to the beginning of search string, we suggest to create link that opens up skype profile or places a call
And, if you want your link to open in another tab or window, click on the small icon that sits right-hand side of the link suggestion.

To change an existing link, just click on it and click on "Edit" in the small pop-up dialog that just opened.

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