Happy holidays everyone! Just in time for christmas we present you a brand new design Buenos Aires and some local domains for purchase!
From today you can publish your site to local domains such as .es or .co.uk (check complete release notes for the full list). We are planning to add more domains over the next releases and we're always open for suggestions.

Tõnu also finished a brand new design called Buenos Aires. Be sure to check it out - it really is a true christmas treat!

Complete release notes:

  • Added new local domains for purchasing (.at, .co.uk, .es, .org.uk)
  • Added template Buenos Aires
  • Added template color variations Canberra North, Detroit North
  • Added multi upload for custom templates
  • Added norwegian language
  • Improved domain search
  • Fixed Skype Toolbar phone number formating in Site admin

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  • Mark Dec 23

    I am really enjoying using this great CMS you have built. Has some great features and very assuring to see that you continue to add new features. Thanks for what you are doing.

  • Tõnu Dec 23

    Thanks Mark, your support is really appreciated! Could you please also name one feature we don't yet have that you miss the most? Merry Christmas!

  • Mark Dec 24

    The thing I would most like to see is the ability to schedule the publishing of content. The majority of my clients request this from me when I am designing for them.

  • Tõnu Dec 24

    Do they use it for timing news releases or even for publishing "normal" text pages? Actually we've considered it as a possible future development task.

  • Mark Dec 24

    Most of them use it for news release type items or daily updates that are planned out ahead of time. Most want to be able to setup the posts at one time and then schedule them out for the week or month or whatever time frame is appropriate.

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