In addition to adding and fine-tuning the different language versions of Edicy, we've released a number of small improvements and bug fixes during February too.

Three most noticeable improvements:

  • Managing blogs, comments and spam in admin view is more straightforward now. We just needed a couple of more rounds of fine tuning the user flow there and now it's done.
  • You'll remain in the admin view when adding new pages there. Before you were redirected to the new page. Thereby it's easier to prepare entire site structure before inserting the actual content.
  • Changing page settings has improved a lot. Bugs are fixed and all actions are responsive now.
Blogs, comments, site structure, page settings improved

We also fixed the small-but-annoying bugs:

  • Custom design can now be replaced with any template from the Design Library
  • Search functionality in the help balloon got fixed
  • Fixes to the galleries with custom designs
  • You can now remove posts submitted from web forms
  • Fixes to the design code editor
  • Many Internet Explorer 8 related bug fixes

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