The most important improvement in this week's release is a feature to add multiple blocks of content into single content area on page. For example, a photo gallery and feedback form can now live happily next to each other. Alongside with this improvement, we also made it possible to drag these content blocks around on the page. And if you get bored with that, it is now much more easier to remove content from page.
Since removing and relocating blocks of content is a task that will be used rarely, we decided to hide the tools to reduce the clutter in page admin mode.

To drag or delete content, move mouse cursor close to the upper-left corner of content block
and buttons will appear.

Buttons to add new block can be found if you move mouse cursor near to the lower-left corner of content area.

Complete release notes

  • Better content block management system
  • In News & Blog section, there is a new button to delete all spam comments under selected article

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  • studioBH Mar 24

    Finally! Thanks so much. This makes everything soooo much easier!

  • brasiu Mar 25

    Nice one. Thank you.

  • Paula Mar 30

    Looks great. Can't wait to try it.

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