I'm happy to introduce our new team member, Martti Ilves, who is joining Edicy this week. Martti is taking the role of Quality Assurance Lead. He'll be in charge of making sure our service is updated smoothly. All new features are tested and tried out by his team before releasing them into the wild.
Prior to joining us Martti worked at Skype for three years where he started out as a quality assurance engineer and worked his way up to being the Web Release Manager for all of Skype’s websites. Martti also continues his studies at the Tallinn Technical University where he’s been studying Business IT management. Martti has been helping to organize extreme sport event called Kuldrula which has a website built on Edicy platform.

Outside of work Martti loves to get on his snowboard and hit the slopes and has also taken up surfing this past summer and is eager to see Edicy open an office somewhere close to a beach beside a warm blue sea.

Welcome aboard, Martti!

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