If you are growing tired of your old edicypages.com address and are looking to get your own, we have good news for you: Edicy just expanded the number of different domains that are available for purchase through our system.
To be more precise we've expanded our selection of TLDs (top level domains), which are the combination of letters that end the web address - .com, .net etc. 

Here's a list of addresses available through Edicy:
.com.org, .net.eu.co.uk.pl, .in, .li, .at.info, .cc.org.uk.cz.tv.be, .es.tw    

To get a new address just click on addresses in the site balloon or in the right hand menu in site full view. And, of course, you are still always welcome to bring your own address with you - as long as you upgrade to Edicy Pro it will work with your site.

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