It's easy to create a cool site on Edicy if you have something to say. Here's an array of eye candy that shows how people care for the environment and the world with their website initiatives. The great thing about website making is that it's always a work in progress so we're looking forward to seeing how your ideas develop and grow. Thanks for all your effort and congratulations!
The international organization Let's do it! is "a movement of people who are ready for action – to make real changes in our regions, our countries, our world, and in ourselves."  Let's do it! website's design is built from scratch and launched on Edicy. Take a look at their action in Slovenia on CNN.

Bioforce, from the Netherlands, utilizes Edicy's Detroit (Green) template. "BioForce®™ develops and produces high-quality natural wheel resources (biologicals)."

EcoFrame, an Estonian company founded in 2009, offers solutions for building wooden and ecological energy saving houses. This website uses the Caracas template.

To learn about what kind of house is the right house check out Elumaja.  This website was created with the standard template, Daejeon.

Now get started and make a website 
...or plant a tree.

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