One of our four talented designers, Paavel has just released a new Edicy theme — Marseille, named after the second largest French city. It's a deep blue canvas, accentuated with lighter blue, white and black. A soft, laid back piece of minimalism at your service.

Marseille design theme by Paavel, Edicy

Did you know that you can have domain names consisting of all kinds of characters? For example, my website is tõ.nu and there are domains like républiquefranç or — if you insist — even ☃.com. We now support such names too — come and get your localized domain name right now.

Buy an international domain name from Edicy

And the third update for this week — we just launched another new section on our website — examples of websites built on Edicy. Sites are compiled into list by your location and language. Happy browsing!

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