The past few months have brought some significant improvements to Edicy which we'd like to tell you about in this newsletter.

Edicy affiliate program

Just last week we announced that you can now start making money by selling Edicy websites through our affiliate program. All you have to do is sign up to it and recommend Edicy to anybody. If they sign up to Edicy and tell us you referred them, you'll receive 25% of their first subscription payment.

Read more about the program or

Improvements to the bottom toolbar

We relocated some icons on the bottom toolbar, to make their order more logical. As you can see on the picture it now reads site-page-files-etc. Basically if you want to change things on your whole website - address, users etc - click on the "Site" icon.

If you want to change the settings of the page that you are on - layout, title whether it's displayed in the menu - you click on "Page" (previously these settings were under "Properties", all the way on the right). And what used to be the "Media" icon, is now named "Files", because it also contains all your documents.

New web addresses

As you probably know Edicy pro users can buy a unique web address (domain) where their site can be found. Recently we added several new types of addresses that you can now order through Edicy. Here’s a list of them along with the prices.

Edicy tour video

If you go to the Edicy tour page you'll find a video demoing the basic Edicy user interface, complete with texts, pictures, address and a voiceover in slightly accented English.

How-to articles

In addition to our thorough FAQ section we have started a series of longer how-to articles on the blog to show you some ways of making better use of Edicy. Here's a list of a few latest entries. If you like what you see here, keep an eye on the blog, there will be more coming up!

Thank you for taking time to read the newsletter and, as always, we appreciate your support for Edicy.

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