This week we’ve released a feature that is specifically designed for small business and users that really want to customize their sites.  We’re launching Edicy Pro so that you can add a personal web address to your site!
Along with Edicy Pro we have a few other improvements this week to make using Edicy easier for everyone.  

This release notes for this week are:

  • Edicy Pro – now you customize your site with a personal web address.  Read more about in more detail here.
  • Managing your web address is now much easier.  Straight from the Addresses menu you can change your default address as well as add new addresses to your site.
  • We've added a Site Panel view to the main menu.  Now you can see some important information about your site such as the number of Page edits or New comments without going into the Site settings.
  • All designs are now capable of handling multiple languages so now we can translate them into your home language.
  • Edicy is now up and running in French.
  • Site properties menu has been improved.

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