We are happy to introduce you three major improvements to Edicy. All of them are highly anticipated by our users as the feedback tells us. Most important update of these three is the reordering of pages in menu.
Now you can just drag and drop any page under the other or just change their order in Site Organiser (it can be found in the Site full view). Second important addition is also about menus -- now you can hide any page from the menu by checking appropriate checkbox in page properties dialogue.

Third important improvement is about managing links in any text -- now it's really easy to check, edit or remove any link you have already added to a page.

Some smaller improvements also make the overall experience a lot better: now you can align pictures inside text and remove custom addresses from your address list.

Also, a new design has been added -- Odessa! Our greetings go to Ukraine.

Complete release notes are here:

  • Added site structure reordering
  • Added option to create hidden pages
  • Added lightbox preview for media
  • Added possibility to remove custom addresses
  • Added new design: Odessa
  • Improved picture positioning
  • Improved link handling
  • Improved page path names generation
  • Fixed scrambled layout issues after design change
  • Fixed saving blog posts without title

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  • Erkki Sep 24

    Great imrovements. Really high major updates, cheers!

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