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Since inception Edicy has been developed in the labs of Fraktal, a design bureau with hundreds of customers. Edicy has been successfully mounted behind websites both for one man bands and state operated corporations with nearly 1000 employees.

Edicy features

Although we have knowingly kept Edicy's image as a service for common people to build their sites with, it also holds mentionable prospect for design bureaus with deeper development needs.

Time has told that in the end there's no difference if the end user works for a large corporation or is self employed. The needs for website building tools are identical — a service that is easy to use for getting the texts edited, pictures uploaded and news published without outside help. Neither wants to acquire diploma in Web Engineering to successfully fulfill their tasks.

Edicy is targeted to small businesses with no resources for starting off with an expensive hand crafted website. Despite the targeting, Edicy comes with tools and functionality that allow building completely unique websites complete with custom design and external widgets.

As an engine behind tens of thousands of websites, Edicy has been devised to live up to expectations of any growing organization. One can start with a ready made design theme and customize or replace it as the business grows. The same goes for functionality and interaction with website visitors. 

Since Fraktal launched its first websites on Edicy, a number of agencies have started to use Edicy as their platform of choice for setting up customer websites. We'll take the time to share their direct experience through our blog in coming weeks — until then you're welcome to take a look at our developer site and blogposts that have been written on the subject before:

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