Tõnu has been here since Day 1 but I still think it’s a good idea to make a formal introduction.  Tõnu is Fraktal’s co-founder, CEO and chief design enthusiast.  He’s responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly around here and that life at Fraktal keeps going. 
He pitches in everywhere he can, managing our daily life, pushing to get Edicy weekly releases out the door, making sure we hire the right people, keeping the money flowing and doing anything else that needs to get done.

Tõnu is neither a designer or web developer by profession, in fact he studied law at the University of Tartu in his past.  His love for the law lasted about one year post graduation, after that he decided to jump head on into designing.  He’s been designing for over 10 years on his own and previously founded Krabi where he worked on designs and CMS development.

When he's not busy managing life at Fraktal he like to keep with the latest in design, usability, architecture and photography. And when he gets a bit of free time he usually takes off to traveling with his wife to some far-flung corner of the world.

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