Good multi-language support has always been one of the core features in Edicy. Building a site and translating it into several languages has never been easier. Though, there were some obstacles we just removed with today's update.

First up, we added translation support to site titles and headers. Until now, changing the site header made it change on every single page on the site, without taking the languages into account. As of today, if you change the header in one language, it is kept intact in others.

Second, there is a completely new language manager in site structure view. In this screen, you can fine-tune all aspects of language settings:

  • Edit all languages from one place, no more need to switch between languages in order to change them.
  • Reorder language menu. Just grab the drag handle at the end of language row and move them around.
  • Force certain language to be the front page language. Edicy always tries to pick the best language for your site visitor by taking his browser preferences and country into account. Still don't trust it? You can now have it your way.

For site owners who have customized their design, there are new options to control the site title and header. Head down to our developer site to see what's changed.

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