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Web development 'news'

Online web development tools

  • Am I Responsive – test your site simultaneously on different screens.
  • WYSIHTML5 – open source rich text editor based on HTML5.
  • Nice Nice JPG – the only image placeholder service on the web bringing you nothing but Vanilla Ice jpgs.

Nifty devices for your Mac

  • MacDock – the first docking station for the MacBook that is Apple-design worthy.
  • MiniDrive – increase the available memory in your MacBook.

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  • margus Mar 02

    I backed the Nifty MiniDrive and the shipped prouct looks great. Sadly, the first shipment has many bugs - the main problem with the drive is, that the computer thinks the write protection switch has been moved to "read only" on the side of the MiniDrive. Actually, the MiniDrive does not have a write protection switch, but you nevertheless won't be able to use the drive (well you can as "read only", but that's pointless).

  • Tõnu Mar 02

    Thanks Margus. I was about to place my order but that would render the whole thing useless :( Are you sure it isn't a broken unit they sent you?

  • margus Mar 02

    Yeah it's a broken unit (it's a fairly common issue). And they're gonna send a replacement.

    In their own words:
    "All I can do is say how sorry we are that the first shipment has got so many bugs!
    I have put you down for a replacement MiniDrive, which we will be sending your way as soon as we have determined if we should do so out of current stock, or just scrap the remaining and do an entire re-work."

    They also offered an interim fix involving tape and carboard, but I have'nt tried it yet.

  • Tõnu Mar 05

    Terrible bugs seem to be plaguing too many kickstarted indie hardware projects... Conceptually nice stuff. If only they did more thorough lab testing.

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