Every day, number of links to web building related articles are floating around on our internal company chats we suggest each other to read. We thought that most of them are worth sharing with you guys as well.

This time it's for designers and developers only. From now on, we'll try to push out list of these links every week and lets see where it goes. Here's what was catching our eye this time:

Understand the favicon – everything you wanted to know about favicons but were afraid to ask. Favicons may be tiny but they're full of surprises.

Optimizing Content For Search Engines – an article worth reading from a longer session about SEO fundamentals for web designers.

Symbolset turns semantic and SEO friendly texts into icons.

Playthru captcha – we believe that captchas are the biggest usability fail ever but if you really need to do it, you better make it playful.

Behave.js turns standard text area elements into light-weight IDE's with automatic indentation and parenthesis/bracket/quote closing.

CSS Trashman finds unused css selectors on your site, thus providing hints where you can cut on stylesheet file size.

Bear CSS – create skeleton of css file by uploading html.

Code smells in CSS directs your mind in direction on how to write more readable and maintainable stylesheet code.

Keeping Safari a secret and Safari is released to the world – interesting story on how Safari was built and became alive.

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