Today I wrote a (hopefully) nice e-mail to many of our more active users, asking for testimonials about using Edicy. But in order to do that I had to dig myself pretty deep into our userbase and came up with some quite interesting things that I'd like to share with all of you.

Right now Edicy speaks 13 languages (English, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Italian, Portugese and Estonian) and we have pages in each and every one of them. Our users come from all over the world, altogether 121 countries are represented in our userbase. Which means we are over the half-way line of getting an Edicy user out of every country in the world.

The most active users have made thousands of changes to their pages. The leader in this category is a page from Australia that has made a whopping 2132 edits. That's a lot, considering they only started the site in February.

It's a fascinating world of Edicy users out there that I'd like to introduce you more to. So we'll try to get permission from some of the more exciting pages and bring them to you.

In case you would like to respond to our survey, here it is. You can send the reply to my e-mail

Dear Edicy user,

We would like to ask you for a favour. We are compiling a testimonials section for the Edicy website with opinions from our users. If you have a couple of minutes we would greatly appreciate if you could send us a few words about using Edicy.

How did you hear about Edicy and why did you decide to start using it?

What do you feel are the strong sides of Edicy?

What improvements would you suggest for Edicy?

How has Edicy helped you do your job?

Thank you ever so much for taking the trouble to respond!

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