Was sagt man über Edicy?

Mit Edicy wollen wir Ihnen ein Werkzeug anbieten, das einfach zu benutzen ist und Ihnen nicht im Weg steht – so daß Sie sich voll und ganz auf das Erstellen eines großartigen Inhaltes konzentrieren können.

Michael, freestylerradio.edicypages.com

quoteI was browsing Google, looking for the best free site maker/web editor, available, and finally found Edicy! I found that it’s pretty easy to use, and has interesting features. In addition, I found a great design that would fit perfectly to my site. And it did. The free sites are great, the people working in Edicy are helpful and informative, and it’s kept up to date! A lively, supportive and well-set community!

Bharat, 2493.edicypages.com/en

bharatEdicy is extremely simple and easy for starting a site. Also the modifications later on can be done with ease. We formed a soccer team and wanted to set up a free website to make things more interactive and interesting. I’m not a tech savvy person and was suprised to see that even I could create a website on my own, which looks and works much better than a page on blogspot. EDICY ROCKS ;-)

Oliver, acergm.com

"I must say that using Edicy is an absolute pleasure, my background is not in IT and I find using it very user friendly, I don't need to be asking Chris all the time."

Aryn, 174164.edicypages.com/en

Aryn Shelander said, "Wow, a personal touch to an online company is really nice. Thanks for all the encouragement and resources!"

Mark, elrancho.edicypages.com

elranchoI tested over 10 online site builders, Edicy was the only one to provide multi-language support for free. As a developer it was great having access to the template system for customization while still getting an easy web interface for my users to edit the site. Brilliant.

Also liked the responsiveness of the team to contact. Nice to know that the people behind Edicy give a damn. Edicy helped get the job done, working only from random internet cafes while traveling in Ecuador.

N. Weitz, architela.edicypages.com

quoteAs an internet consultancy specializing in finding the right solutions for my clients, I had been looking for an easy-to-use WYSIWYG web-editor. Edicy has a number of strengths:

  • fully customisable templates
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • responsive customer service
  • reliable servers (up-time)

One arm of my business helps people set up small websites with the ability to update and maintain the site themselves. Edicy allows me to do this.

Soijingjie, China, 47688.edicypages.com

quoteThe strong side of Edicy is that it is designed very well. I am considering upgrading to the paid version. Thank you for your work and efforts.

Diana Viia, Estonia, www.9elu.ee

quoteEdicy is a great opportunity for a small business to save, because you can do everything yourself. Even with a limited knowledge of computers you can create a fine website and update it yourself. I like the way Edicy has made creating a site so simple. I've never had a moment where I didn't understand, what to do next.