Build websites.

Powerful tools for designers and developers
to craft and host unique websites.

Launch websites in just 15 minutes.

Edicy sports a simple and conventional templating language which lets you integrate html with it. Edicy itself is already set up and hosting tens of thousands of websites on it.

Always up-to-date.

All system updates and fixes are maintained by us 24/7. Our system is always up-to-date and running in the cloud. You can truly focus on building the websites. No hours will be spent on system maintenance for your client now or ever.

Quick to learn.

All you need for building a custom site on Edicy is basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, javascript and our templating language. We provide you with online tools for coding unique designs and building product catalogues.

We support your customers.

Edicy Support Team

There are actual human beings dealing with your questions daily. If something slows you down or remains unresolved at any point in time don't hesitate — send us e-mail or call and we are more than glad to help you back on track.
sites already built with Edicy. See examples.