They build websites on Edicy.

Find the right team to make your Edicy site stand out. Here’s a list of designers and developers

ready to help you anywhere in the world for any budget. Drop us a line at to get a quote.

Velvet Creative Alliance

Tallinn (Estonia), €2000 and up

Velvet Creative AllianceVelvet Creative Alliance

Velvet is a multitalent powerhouse that consists of 8 different teams, doing everything creative from graphical design to rethinking customers' companies.

Examples: Oma Asi, META Advisory,, Salasõna

Sviiter Creative Agency

Tallinn (Estonia), €500 and up

Sviiter Creative AgencySviiter Creative Agency

A small bureau with real strengths in graphic design, Sviiter's expertise with CVI and web helps make your first steps seem super easy.


Pieter De Clercq

Gent (Belgium), €750 and above

Pieter De ClercqPieter De Clercq

Pieter is a web enthusiast helping people and organisations who have less IT skills to build and promote their websites.



Riga (Latvia), €2000 and up


Hump is digital agency that delivers effective solutions with creative touch and enjoyable experience.

Examples: Riga Stained Glass, TechChill Baltics


Tartu (Estonia), €2000 and up


Fraktal creates beautiful and useful websites with love and care because every detail matters.



Sodankylä (Finland), €1000 and up


ProinnoDesign is a small design studio specializing in corporate image development and creative internet marketing. Contact us when you need unique graphic design, innovative websites or highly integrated service.



Tallinn (Estonia), €1000 and up


 Best of the best of the best.

Examples: Check out their own website – it is built with Edicy.


Milan (Italy), €500 and up


Kiace is a small and agile Italian design studio specializing in website building in a modern and cost-effective way.


Villie Tsang

Hong Kong (China), €500 and up

Villie TsangVillie Tsang

Villie is a design strategist specialising in creating highly integrated, simple design solutions for both online and offline platforms. She strives for cross collaboration with like-minded individuals who are also strong believers in co-creation process.


Meedium Marketing

Tartu (Estonia), €400 and up

Meedium MarketingMeedium Marketing

Meedium Marketing is a boutique internet marketing and design studio delivering all-in-one packages. This is a sure way of getting your business to steadily grow online.

Examples: Internet marketing for,

Zavod BBDO

Tallinn (Estonia), €2000 and up

Zavod BBDOZavod BBDO

Experienced ad agency in building strong and unique websites. Zavod and Edicy collaborate in making both campaign and corporate websites. 


Frank Sykes

London (UK), €1000 and up

Frank SykesFrank Sykes

Frank can build any website from scratch.   He's a web and tech specialist who can fulfil your website needs with a creative design, widgets and internet marketing.



Tartu (Estonia), €500 and up


Team with excellent tech skills, Edicy and beyond. Newtime brings along fresh ideas for whatever you need, recreating clean and comfortable design, with clear html code.

Examples: Ilmapuu kindergarten, Kapriis restaurant


Tallinn (Estonia), €1500 and up


Must is an ad agency with broad competence. Their project managers are both creative and effective, always delivering functional and good-looking results.

Examples: Werro Wool


Tartu (Estonia), €1500 and up


Neway is a multi-talent ad agency with long-time design experience ranging from identity and print to complex web projects.

Examples: Neway


Tartu (Estonia), €1000 and up


Dada is a design agency spanning in competence from illustration and print to web and web animation.

Examples: Liivimaa Lihaveis


Tallinn (Estonia), €2000 and up


AKU is an award-winning multidisciplinary creative agency.

Examples: Film Music Estonia, The Song of Freedom, Estonian Design Awards