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Editor Keyboard shortcuts

There are many keyboard shortcuts that you can use to make your life easier while using the Edicy design editor. It has most of the usual keyboard shortcuts your text editor has already built in.

CTRL + SHIFTHToggle Edicy developer help
CTRL + SSave current template, stylesheet or javascript
CTRL + SHIFT + FFind in files
CTRLSHIFT1Add layout
CTRLSHIFT2Add component
CTRL + SHIFT3Add style (.css is added if name is inserted without .css)
CTRL + SHIFT4Add script (.js is added if name is inserted without .js)
CTRL + SHIFTRIGHTARROWTab navigation left
CTRL + SHIFTLEFTARROWTab navigation right
ALT + hover image file in listShow quick preview of image

We are using the Ace editor - so any of ace's keyboard shortcuts should also work.