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Creating a template for blog article

On blog article page, you have access to blog object and special article object. Blog article page is where you'd usually edit your article so in this example all fields of current article will also be editable.

    <title>{{ page.title }} - {{ article.title }}</title>
    {% stylesheet_link "style.css" %}
    {{ blog.rss_link }}
    <h1>{% editable article.title %}</h1>

    <p class="article_properties">
      Created on {{ article.created_at | date : "%d.%m.%Y" }}
      by {{ }},
      <a href="{{ page.url }}">See all articles</a>

    {% editable article.excerpt %}
    {% editable article.body %}

    <hr />
    <a href="{{ blog.rss_url }}">Subscribe to RSS feed</a>