Velvet Creative Alliance

Tallinn (Estonia), €4000 and up

Velvet Creative AllianceVelvet Creative Alliance

Velvet is a multitalent powerhouse that consists of 8 different teams, doing everything creative from graphical design to rethinking customers' companies.

Examples: Oma Asi, META Advisory

Sviiter Creative Agency

Tallinn (Estonia), €500 and up

Sviiter Creative AgencySviiter Creative Agency

A small bureau with good graphic design flavor, Sviiter's expertise with CVI and web makes your first steps seem super easy.



Riga (Latvia), €2000 and up


Hump is digital agency that delivers effective solutions with creative touch and enjoyable experience.



Tallinn (Estonia), €400 and up


Keefir is a small Estonian web agency. We create clean and comfortable design, write clear html code and we are full of creative ideas.

Examples: Technical integration of designs to Edicy.


Tartu (Estonia), €2000 and up


Fraktal creates beautiful and useful websites with love and care because every detail matters.



Sodankylä (Finland), 1000€ and up


ProinnoDesign is a small design studio specializing in corporate image development and creative internet marketing. Contact us when you need unique graphic design, innovative websites or highly integrated service.


Villie Tsang

Hong Kong (China), €500 and up

Villie TsangVillie Tsang

Villie is a design strategist specialising in creating highly integrated, simple design solutions for both online and offline platforms. She strives for cross collaboration with like-minded individuals who are also strong believers in co-creation process.



Milan (Italy), €500 and up


Kiace is a small and agile Italian design studio specializing in website building in a modern and cost-effective way.


Pieter De Clercq

Gent (Belgium), €750 and above

Pieter De ClercqPieter De Clercq

Pieter is a web enthusiast helping people and organisations who have less IT skills to build and promote their websites.


Mark Pitchless

London (UK), €500 and up

Mark PitchlessMark Pitchless

Mark is a freelance web specialist building interactive sites for creative people who prefer doing activities offline and away from the computers.


Frank Sykes

London (UK), €1000 and up

Frank SykesFrank Sykes

Frank can build any website from scratch.  He's a web and tech specialist who can fulfill your website needs with a creative design, widgets and internet marketing.


Meedium Marketing

Tartu (Estonia), €400 and up

Meedium MarketingMeedium Marketing

Meedium Marketing is a boutique internet marketing and design studio delivering all-in-one packages. This is a sure way of getting your business to steadily grow online.

Examples: Internet marketing for,

Zavod BBDO

Tallinn (Estonia), €2000 and up

Zavod BBDOZavod BBDO

Experienced ad agency in building strong and unique websites. Zavod and Edicy collaborate in making both campaign and corporate websites.