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How do I sign in to my site?

There are three ways to sign in to your site. The easiest is through — find the “Sign in” link next to language menu.

Edicy sign in

If you've created a custom template, you might not see the icon, so just add 'admin' to the end of your site url (eg. or or

I can’t sign in with the password you've sent me.

Check you typed the password correctly. If you've copied and pasted it, make sure you haven't picked up extra spaces or characters by accident. Try typing it in again, and if that doesn't work, click the "Forgot" link on the sign-in window. If you've tried all of these and you're still not having any luck, get in touch with us at

How do I change my password?

To change your password go to "Settings" → "People" and click “Edit” on your profile. Site -> People
Edit account

What's a quick way to switch between my sites?

If you have registered several accounts (sites) with one email address, then you can quickly switch between them by clicking on the "Settings" icon. After that you can see all the sites tied to this email address and make your choice by clicking on one of them.

Site switcher

Can I invite other people to edit my site?

Yes, you can, it’s quite simple. Just go to "Settings" → "People" → "Invite another person". Enter the other person’s email address and an invitation will be sent to them. New Edicy users will be directed to a login screen and asked to invent and enter a password, then directed to your website’s edit mode. Existing Edicy users just have to click on the link in the invitation email.

Can I limit users' rights?

Yes, you can. You can choose between two roles — owner and editor. Every new user added to your site will be in editor role by default. To change the role, just click on "Edit" link next to the person's card on the users screen and choose "Make account owner" option on the right-hand side of person's edit screen.

Can I create multiple sites with one e-mail address?

Yes, you can. Go to, click "Start free trial now" and enter your email address. Edicy will direct you to a pop-up window, where you have two options: create a new site or log in to your existing site.

I paid for Edicy but the payment was refused. Why?

There are a couple of different reasons why your payment might have been refused.

  • Firstly, please make sure that you were using a credit card, as we don’t accept payments from most debit cards.
  • Secondly, you may have insufficient funds on your credit card. Don’t worry, you can always try again and choose a shorter  Edicy subscription period.
  • Thirdly, the payment might be refused on suspicion of fraud. Sometimes this happens even though you’re a perfectly good citizen. In this case try to complete the payment via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, write to us at and we’ll find a way to get your payment through.

Finally, if you really were trying to cheat and got caught, then great, our system is fraud-proof!

How can I delete my account or site?

If you really need to delete your website then go to "Settings" → "Account". Click on "Delete this account" and confirm your request. 

NB Remember that your decision must be final and cannot be reversed.

Proceed to cancellation page

NB Remember that your decision must be final and cannot be reversed.