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How do I change the address of my site?

Go to "Settings" → "Addresses". Click on the options to either add, edit or delete an address.
Site -> Addresses

When you add a new address you can choose between three options: 

  • "Search for a new domain" — buy a new personal address like, etc from Edicy ( this requires Edicy Standard / Plus account ).
  • "Import an existing one" — i.e. an external address that you already own (also requires Edicy Standard / Plus account).
  • "Create free address" — choose this if you want to add a free "" address.

How do I buy a domain from Edicy?

You can add a domain to your site if you are using Edicy Plus or Standard. In order to buy a domain, log in to your website and choose Settings > Addresses > Add another address. You are directed to a next view where you can insert the domain name (without www) you wish to buy into the field given below. Click on the "Search" and choose the one you like. In case you haven't subscribed to Edicy Plus or Edicy Standard yet, a 1-year Edicy Plus is added to your cart automatically. You can alter the plan from the very same view. 

Continue with clicking on the "Go to cart" and you are directed to the store-view. You can now modify the items from the left or right upper corner (e.g. change the period you wish for your subscription). After setting up the items, fill in the fields necessary and make the payment with a preferred payment method. 

I’ve added my personal address but the default / address is still showing.

Your default / address will continue to exist side by side with your own personal address (whether it’s a personal / address or a domain tied to your Standard / Plus account). You can see your site at the new address when you enter the address into your browser’s address bar.

My custom address typed without “www” opens my Edicy site but with “www” it doesn’t. What is wrong?

This means that your main domain address (e.g. is redirected correctly but the subdomain ( isn’t. To correct this you have to make one more change in your domain name servers.

If the record “www” exists in your server then you have to verify that its type is CNAME and the value is your domain name (e.g. If it isn’t then correct it (if the record type of “www” is A-record then delete it and add again as CNAME -record).

If the record “www” doesn’t exist in your server then you have to add a new sub-domain record with the name “www”, the record type as CNAME and the value as your domain name (e.g.

I got a letter saying my domain is about to expire. How can I extend my domain?

  • Your site with Edicy might be tied to a personal domain (e.g. which is bought from Edicy or from a third party. In case the domain is bought from us, you can extend your domain from your site. Log in to your website, choose Settings > Addresses and choose the "extend" button next to the domain you wish to extend. From there, you are directed to the payment process.
  • In case you have bought the domain from another service provider, then you need to contact your current registrar for extending your domain. If you are not sure who the registrar of your domain is, then you can always check it from website. 

  • How do I manage the DNS settings of my domain?

    When you have bought a domain from Edicy or transferred it to Edicy, you can easily manage the DNS settings of your domain. For that, navigate to "Settings" → "Addresses" → "Edit" next to the correct domain and choose "Edit DNS settings".

    NB! Do note that managing the DNS settings can affect the accessibility of your website. Do feel free to contact our support at for further assistance

    Redirecting your web address to Edicy

    Once you’ve registered for Edicy Standard or Plus you can redirect your personal web address (e.g., to Edicy. This can be a slightly different process depending on which provider you purchased your address from. Below are general instructions on how to redirect your address as well as instructions for some of the larger address providers. Also check if you have entered the address into your Edicy site addresses section before redirecting. If you are having difficulties please feel free to contact us at

    NB. This guide assumes that your domain name server (DNS) remains on the server of the provider from which you purchased your address. If you want to move your name server to Edicy, please contact us at

    Basic Instructions

    1. Log in to the administrative section of the site where you purchased your web address. 
    2. Find the option for “IP Forwarding” or “Modifying an A-Record” (usually found under the heading “Advanced DNS Management”).
    3. Select this option and enter Edicy’s IP address:
    4. Log in to your Edicy site. 
    5. Check you've entered your domain correctly in Edicy in "Setting"→"Addresses", where you can click on the options to "Add" or "Edit" your domain.

    Note: It can take up to 48 hours for these changes to take effect - but if you're lucky it might only take a couple of hours.

    Go Daddy and WildWestDomains

    1. Log in to GoDaddy or WildWestDomains.
    2. In the main menu, click "Domains" and then "My Domain Names".
    3. Click on the address you wish to edit.
    4. Click on the link "Total DNS Control and MX Records".
    5. Delete any existing A-record and create two new ones as follows:

    • For the first A-record, set the host to "@" and the IP address of ""
    • For the second A record, set on the host "www" and the IP address of ""


    1. Log into your Enom account.
    2. Click on the name of the web address you are changing.
    3. Select “Dynamic DNS” link.
    4. Enter the following information:
      • Host name: "@"
      • Address: ""
      • Record Type: "A (Address)"
    5. Click “Save Settings” for the changes to take effect.

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Click “Manage Your Account”.
    3. Click the web address you want to point to Edicy.
    4. On the next page, scroll right to the bottom. Under: “Advanced Technical Settings”, click on “Edit IP Address Records”.
    5. Next, edit the A record. You will want to set the A record for both "*" and "@" ("@" might be blank). Set both fields to "".
    6. Click "Continue".
    7. You'll be asked to confirm the changes, it should look like this:
      • * points to
      • @ points to
    8. Click “Continue” again and your setting will be set.