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How do I change my site’s design?

Click "Design" on the toolbar at the bottom of your site. From here you can view the various design themes. When you find one you like, click on it to apply to your site.

If I change the design theme, will all my data be saved and imported to the new design?

Yes. But because some themes have fewer text boxes than others, it is possible that some of your content will not be displayed on the new pages. However, your data is not lost. If you switch back to the original design, all your content will be restored.

Can I customise the design of my site?

Yes you can. You can switch to the design customization mode from Design full view ("Design" → "Maximize" → "Custom"). Click on the "Proceed" button to change anything you want on your page or create a totally new design – remember that you need experience of working with HTML to use this feature.

For reference information on creating your own design, there's a full documentation available at Edicy Developer site.

How do I switch back to a Edicy standard design?

If you are currently using a custom design, but would like to change back to a standard design, then you should first open the design tab from the menu and proceed to "manage templates". 
You are then directed to the design builder. From there, click on the ratchet icon on the menu and choose "Themes" from the list.

After you have switched back to a standard design, we advise to check the layout of your pages as several changes might have come to effect.

NB! If your custom design is made by a design agency, we strongly advise to contact them before any changes regarding the design are made.