Google Apps Setup Guide

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If you wish to start using e-mails with your domain (e.g., Edicy suggests using Google Apps' services. Google Apps also allows you to use the additional and very useful services (e.g. Google Calendar, Google Docs) for businesses with their personal domain, including Gmail with virus and spam alerts. 

Google Apps Setup Guide

There are three different stages for the registration process as an Edicy user:
  • Sign up for Google Apps
  • Verify your domain ownership
  • Add user accounts
When the domain is not registered via Edicy, some additional steps may have to be taken:
  • Activating Gmail and directing MX-records
  • Importing e-mails from the previous service provider (server)
  • Setting up the external mailing program
Let's take a closer look at each of these steps:

Sign up for Google Apps

In order to register an account, please go to: > and click on the button "Start now" (found under the product "Google Apps").

The first step is to enter your organization's domain. Keep the "I already own this domain" option and enter the domain name of your organization into the field (e.g. Then click on "Submit".

You are now asked to enter your contact details:

This should be relatively easy if you happen to know your name and address. You are also asked to create an administrative user account. This user will be able to edit all the information regarding your account. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and your account has been created.

Verifying domain ownership

Google Apps wants to make sure that domain you have entered belongs to you. In order to verify it, you have to show that you are able to edit the settings of your domain.

After the successful sign up, you will be directed to your domain settings. From the menu, select "Dashboard", by which the admin control panel will be displayed. From there, choose "Confirm that you own your domain".

If you have registered your domain via Edicy or it is correctly directed to your Edicy site, then on the next screen, you should choose "Alternate methods". From the three possible options, click on "HTML file upload". From the content displayed to you, find the line that says "Download this HTML verification file" and copy the text between brackets (e.g something like that google34fb6c44f9997e87.html):

Now please log in to your Edicy site. Go to Settings --> SEO and paste the code into the field of  "Google Webmaster..":

Click "Save" and go back to your Google Apps view of verifying domain ownership and click "Verify". Your Google Apps account is now ready to use.

When you bought your domain from Edicy, then you have to make one more step in order to get your e-mails working. Log into your site, choose "
Settings > Addresses", click on the "Edit" button under your domain and choose "Edit DNS settings" from the right hand menu. In the new view you can see the domain records of your domain. On the right, choose "Setup Google Apps" by which Google MX-records are added to your domain records. Save the changes you made and you are done.

You can access your Google Apps account by going to

Additional Methods for Verifying Domain Ownership

If your domain is registered via Edicy, you can also use DNS-based verifying method. This method is useful when the file-based verifying method has failed for some reason. In order to verify your domain, choose "Recommended methods". For the "Domain name provider", please select "Other". This option opens a text area, where you are given a code that looks like this: 


Please send this code along with your domain name to

When we have received your e-mail and made the necessary changes and replied to you, then click on "Verify" (in the meantime, you can close the page and late return to the page by using this link: and the verifying procedure is done. Your Google Apps account is ready to use.  

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