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Is there a bandwidth limit?

We operate a reasonable usage policy regarding bandwidth.

Can I use Edicy on my own server?

No, we only host sites on Edicy servers.

How can I point my domain name to Edicy?

To be able to start using your personal domain you'll need to become paying user of Edicy.  Find out more

Go to "Settings" → "Addresses". Click on "Add another address" → "Import an existing one" and enter your custom domain in the field ( or similar).

Site - /> Addresses

Once you’ve setup your site in Edicy go to your domain registrar's site and find the option for "IP Forwarding" or "Modifying an A-Record". You can usually find this under the heading "Advanced DNS Management". Select this option and enter Edicy’s IP address: It can take up to 48 hours for your site to be properly directed to Edicy’s servers.

More detailed information can be found from here.

I paid for Edicy and transferred the addresses but it's not working. Why?

It can take up to 48 hours to complete a transfer. To double check that you've entered your domain name correctly, go to "Site" → "Addresses" and click on the options to "Add" or "Edit" if necessary.

I want to know more about your backup and uptime service level.

We do a full backup every 24 hours and run constant data replication to be extra sure that no data will be lost if something major happens. Outages and incidents are part of the online world and no-one can guard against them 100%, but we're doing all the right things to keep Edicy up and running 99.9% of the time. So far we've been successful.

Does Edicy offer an email service?

No, Edicy doesn't offer email. We suggest setting your organisation up with Zoho Mail. Zoho Mail offers three different plans and a free solution with three email addresses is available also. You can find the instructions for setting up your account and domain from here.

We also recommend using Google Apps, which is a paid service but offers several other features besides e-mailing as well. Instructions for setting up your account and domain can be found from here.

If I build a website using Edicy, does that include hosting?

Yes, hosting is a part of the service here in Edicy.