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Edicy recommends Zoho Mail Lite for free e-mail addresses with your personal domain (e.g.

You can sign up for Zoho Mail Lite by visiting and choosing Sign Up under the Lite plan.
Enter your domain name in the given field under "I already own a domain. Add domain here" and continue by clicking on Add Domain.

In the next view, you need to fill in some personal information for account administration. Please note that given Email Address has to be your alternative email address to which you need to have access. After the sign up, you will receive a verification email for your account and therefore you need to have access to these emails. Read the Terms of Service and tick the box if you agree with them. Also, if you would like to receive Zoho Newsletter, then tick the following box as well.

Again, note that you will receive a verification email after clicking on the Sign Up button. Open the letter and confirm that you own the account, otherwise some of the following steps might be prohibited. Meanwhile, keep the sign up window opened, in which you are directed to the next step.

This step requires the verification of your domain.

Make sure you have selected "CNAME method" and choose Others from the drop-down menu to be your domain provider. Note that you are given a specific code "zb********". Next, you need to create couple of records for your domain, which can be done through your Edicy website. Log in to your site, choose "Settings > Addresses" and click on the edit button next to your personal domain. In the next view, choose "edit DNS settings". Next, you need to add three records as shown in the following picture:

NB! Please do not remove any already existing records.
Please note that the record "" needs to be set with your personal code (zb********) which you received previously. Two other records (MX-records) are necessary for proper email functioning. Finish your actions by clicking on the Save Changes button. Now you need to wait for 30-45 minutes and then return to the Zoho Mail view, where you can finish the verification process by clicking on the Verify button.

Your domain in now set and you can move on to create your new email accounts. Further information regarding Zoho Mail and its functions can be found from Zoho support site.