Getting started with your site at Edicy 

How to buy domain names on Edicy

Once you’ve subscribed to Edicy you can also buy your personal domain (e.g., Domain hosting is included in Edicy subscription, so it really is all you need to get your website up and running right away.

Buy a domain name or import an existing one.

How to add SEO meta keywords

To add keywords, page titles, and short page description all you need is to open page edit button on the lower right corner of Edicy menu and fill inn the fields on the popup window.

From the same popup it's possible to set page layout, change page adress or swich to password protected pages to share the page only with selected audience. 

And when done with that,

then dont forget to chek if you have set a propper title also on your site.

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How to set up Google Webmasters tool

When you have created a brand new website there is no way anybody, even search engines like Google, can know about it. If you feel ready to make your site discoverable by search engines then easiest way is to use Google Add URL and Bing URL Submission services. To get started we recommend using Google Webmaster Tools, a free service that gives you more control about how search engines see your site. 

How to set up Google Apps

If you wish to start using e-mails with your domain (e.g., we suggests using Google Apps' services. Google Apps also allows you to use the additional and very useful services (e.g. Google Calendar, Google Docs) for businesses with their personal domain, including Gmail with virus and spam alerts. And most importantly, most of these services are free of charge for companies with up to 10 users.

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